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Why Do We Call Our Socks Authentic Hemp Compression Socks?

Posted by Lan Shin on
Why Do We Call Our Socks Authentic Hemp Compression Socks?

We daily encounter all kinds of marketing. As with news headlines, the purpose is to attract attention. Therefore, it naturally becomes misleading a lot of times. We found this to be especially evident when it comes to product composition. It is not uncommon to market a product to be of a specific material, e.g., bamboo socks, silk towels, hemp pants, etc.  But when looking closer at the product specifications, sometimes as little as 10-20% of the product consists of the marketed material. Of course, the situation is not always this bad, but it is surprisingly common.

When it comes to compression socks, if the socks are not entirely synthetic, they are often claimed to be either cotton- or wool compression socks. Yet, they usually only include between 30-40% of cotton or wool in their composition. In one case, we found compression socks promoted as hemp compression socks. However, when looking closer at the details, a mere 20% of the foot part consisted of hemp.

According to our basic logic, if meant to showcase a product with the benefits of a specific material, at least 50% of the product should consist of that material, so that consumers can experience the real benefits of that material. This reasoning, together with the current standards of product description in the compression socks market, is the reason why we describe our socks as authentic hemp compression socks.

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