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Lifestyle & The Caveman Disaster

Posted by Martin Shin Jardbo on
Lifestyle & The Caveman Disaster

Not many people would question what lifestyle means. It is a popular concept nowadays. Caveman Disaster, on the other hand, might be more questionable. 

Caveman Disaster is what we like to call the sad fact, that despite having access to more advanced technology than ever and living more comfortable lives than ever. There are millions and millions of people all over the world who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of meaning in their lives. Many of these people also rely on chemical substances to even function well enough for daily life. We are sure this is no coincidence, but a direct result of the contemporary lifestyle. Three elements in the modern lifestyle are especially responsible for this:

  • Too much sedentary
  • Lack of connection to nature
  • Constant overflow of information & distractions

These elements have all been intimately linked to both mental and physical issues by science. Having suffered the consequences of the modern lifestyle, we realized that the opposites are a quite good formula to turn the situation around and to start enhancing the experience.

  • Movement
  • Outdoors
  • Mindfulness

We believe the benefits of implementing more of these in life stretche much further than individual health and happiness. Simply speaking, it is the very basics for contributing to a better experience for everyone and everything around you. As the wise guys say, if you are concerned about the world, you got to start with yourself. 

Enhance your experience!

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