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Posted by Lan Shin on

Saving the following can make a change.


When the word “save” means to prevent something from being wasted and to keep it for future use:

  • Save time: Do the things that you find meaningful and exciting, and help you become the type of person you want to be.

  • Save money: Allow your money to flow to places where you find value, and where it helps you to gain life experiences; experiences and memories worth sharing with your child, grandchild, and the next generation.

  • Save water: You pay the bills, but the water is not and can never be yours. Water is necessary for all living things but not an infinite resource. Fresh and sufficient water is vital for all living things to survive and thrive.


When the word “save” means to prevent someone or something from being killed and/or to help them escape from a dangerous situation:

  • Save your life: You are the only one who knows how your life is today. Take the deepest breath you can and look inside. Is your life on the right track? Is your body, mind and soul doing well? Is your dream still alive?

  • Save the lives of others (humans, animals, plants, and bacteria): We cannot save all lives. It is simply not possible, neither does the ecosystem work that way. However, we must be aware that we are not separate entities. We are connected to each other, to our planet Earth and the universe. Every life is important and has a reason for existence. If you sense the pain and suffering of others, do not just ignore them. Feel it and act on what comes to mind. Why? Because humans can! This is about how to form a connection. The more connection you experience, the stronger and more confident you become mentally, and the broader your perspective becomes.

  • Save the planet: It seems that more and more individuals and companies are becoming environmentally conscious and take an actual step. Let’s continue to do so. Together we can make a difference.

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