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Sustainability or Responsibility?

Posted by Lan Shin on
Sustainability or Responsibility?

The number of businesses that utilize recycled plastic as a “sustainable” material for their products and pitch this in their marketing is increasing. It is undoubtedly a good and right action compared to creating new plastic for single use. It also has a positive effect on making consumers more aware of the impact. However, in the end, reducing consumption must be the key.

Businesses ought to introduce quality products, put the brakes on creating ever-changing trends on purpose, and stop new arrivals according to seasons and holidays. The chain of more consumption, short product lifecycles, and more waste is simply not sustainable and must be reformed. Durable and long-lasting products do contribute to reducing the environmental impact to a certain extent.

Along with that, we as consumers have to take up a new mindset around consumption and materialism. Contemplate the word Responsibility. This is a concept you might have learned in kindergarten, but what does it really mean to you now? Don’t hesitate to do what you know is right.

Our product policy is to use natural materials to the biggest possible extent, as long as we create physical products. Material, blended or not, material composition if blended is decided based on our policy, the product kind, and the purpose of use. We aim to create products with essential and timeless design, strong usability, and the finest quality in terms of sustainability and durability. Hoping that this will be one step on the way to change consumption habits.

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