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Sustainable Living vs. Sustainable Living

Posted by Martin Shin Jardbo on
Sustainable Living vs. Sustainable Living

With all rights, sustainable living has become a movement. Fast and powerful actions are needed if we are going to change the current trends.

Sustainable living is mainly focused on the individual’s use of natural resources. Practitioners eat locally, eat plant-based, save water, recycle, resell, donate, share, and much more. All good actions that require people to make the right decisions. This concept is sustainable living for the planet.

Still, there is something essential missing here. It has to start with sustainable living FOR PEOPLE. After all, it is people who have to make the right decisions. But too many of us are already drained by the lifestyle required to fit into a system that takes little consideration to human needs. Sitting for more than 8 hours a day with constant information processing does not leave much positive energy to make sustainable decisions. 

Only focusing on sustainable living for the planet is not enough. If we are going to get somewhere with this, it is essential to start questioning how we can create more sustainable lives for people.

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