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We create products for people who enjoy an active & natural lifestyle.



Who Are We?

 Lan Shin & Martin Jardbo

We are Lan and Martin, the founders & creators of SHIN JARDBO, the Yin (陰) & Yang (陽) of the SHIN JARDBO constellation, and also companions for life. Coming from completely different backgrounds, cultures, and continents, we have somehow found common values that we want to share with the SHIN JARDBO project.

We believe our most precious gift is the opportunity to experience life, and Movement, Outdoor Adventures, and Being Mindful are the keys to enhance this experience.

Martin comes from a slow-paced and close to nature countryside town in Sweden, while Lan has her roots in the fast-paced and trend sensitive capital of South Korea. Our roads crossed thanks to our mutual curiosity to see and experience more of this world. Martin has lived in 17 cities in 9 countries on 3 continents, and Lan has lived in 8 cities in 4 countries on 2 continents. We both speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Swedish, have a deep understanding of diverse cultures, people, and what is happening in a multicultural world. We strongly believe experiences change our perspective, and ultimately our lives.

We are currently located in the south Swedish city of Malmö together with our young daughter. As soon as circumstances allow, we go out to explore more of what life and nature has to offer. We love to engage in training, travelling and outdoor adventures. Preferably all three at the same time.

On July 22, 2020, we launched our first project: Raw Silk Travel Towel on Indiegogo, and our second project: Hemp Compression Socks, was launched on September 29, 2020. We continuously create products for people who enjoy an active & natural lifestyle with Nature, Style, and Function in mind.


Nature, Style, Function



Since Martin was 4 years old, he refused to wear clothes made of synthetical materials as he found them itchy and uncomfortable. Having seen more of the world, his awareness of the environmental impact and fondness of nature increased. Therefore, the idea of promoting natural materials has become even stronger. Both the body and the planet will be happier with more natural materials.


Growing up in Seoul where trends rapidly evolve, in combination with various international experiences, Lan has developed her own idea of what design can be resistant to fast-changing trends and last across borders in a multicultural world. The root of her idea is to stay essential without losing style (confidence in being oneself). This permeates both her lifestyle and SHIN JARDBO products.


Having shared many travels and physically demanding adventures, we know function is something that cannot be compromised. On one hand we use natural materials to the biggest possible extent, but on the other hand we do not let function down. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are stubborn enough to try new solutions until we have achieved this.  


We believe


We believe

Our most precious gift is the opportunity to experience life. To make the most of it, we believe in movement, outdoor adventures and being mindful. SHIN JARDBO aims to enhance your experience.


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