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8 Benefits of SHIN JARDBO Travel Towel

8 benefits_skin friendly

The towel has a natural soft touch, and the pleasantly nubby and matte texture of raw silk enhances the comfortable feel even more. Raw silk is completely free from toxins, and both the fabric production and dying are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. Raw silk is also famed for its hypoallergenic properties. The towel does not irritate sensitive skin and might be the most agreeable travel towel for people with dry skin, eczema or other allergies. Thanks to the silk protein Sericin, the towel can even provide a softening and moisturising effect on the skin.

8 benefits_biodegradable & sustainable

Unlike microfibre or cotton travel towels, our raw silk towel requires very small amounts of chemicals, energy and water during production, throughout its lifetime and thereafter. Raw silk is made from the leftovers in ordinary silk production, and thus contributes to zero-waste production. It is completely natural and non-toxic. The production does not release toxins into the environment, and no microplastics end up in our oceans when washed. Raw silk biodegrades seamlessly back into nature.

8 benefits_anti-bacterial

Raw silk is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites by nature. The towel stays fresh and odour free for longer, thus less washing is required. It offers convenience when travelling and reduces time, energy and water consumption in everyday life.

8 benefits_Durable

Silk fibre is the longest and one of the strongest natural fibres. It is said that a silk rope is stronger than an equally thick metal wire. Raw silk is a lot more durable than cotton and lasts longer. If you take proper care of it and follow the care instructions, it will accompany you on many adventures. If you are fond of long-lasting and sustainable products, this is the towel for you.

8 benefits_Absorbent

Raw silk effectively dries off your wet or sweaty skin with its hydrophilic properties. The nubby texture which just improves with time further enhances this property. The towel can absorb 300% of its own weight in water.

8 benefits_quick drying

Save time! No damp towel in your bag/luggage! Raw silk dries faster than other natural materials such as linen or wool and dries approximately 5 times faster than an ordinary cotton towel. After a machine wash, it dries in 60 - 75min indoors and 30 - 45min outdoors. (time could vary depending on humidity, wind, etc). The high breathability of raw silk, together with its lightness, gives the towel this property.

8 benefits_lightweight

Pack Small & Travel Light! The towel is lightweight and compact, and thus saves a lot of packing space and weight. The fact that our STANDARD towel (130cm X 70cm / 51” X 27.5”) folds to the size of a medium thick pocketbook but only weighs 140g speaks for itself. Raw silk fibres being partly hollow contributes to its light weight.

8 benefits_essential design

The towel is designed to convey “More with Less”, the absolute essential elements with strong usability.

  • Functionally sized for its use, yet not oversized.
  • Comes in 3 different inspiring colours to encourage enjoyment of use.
  • Equipped with a longer than usual hanger loop, easy to hang anywhere.
  • A care label is printed on the towel instead of being attached to it.