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Raw Silk

Raw Silk

Raw Silk (or Silk Noil) is a fabric made using the shorter fibres from the leftover in ordinary silk production. Raw Silk fibres contain the protein Sericin which is a glue-like substance. Sericin comprises about 20 - 30% of Raw Silk and functions as a protective coating layer for the fabric. For this reason, the surface has a soft and nubby feel and retains anti-bacterial-, thermal-, antioxidative- and hydrophilic properties.

We have a product made of this material!

Check: Travel Towel by SHIN JARDBO

Read further if you want to know more about why we chose Raw Silk for our travel towel. 



Why Raw Silk?


There are lots of travel towels on the market. The most common material is Microfibre. There are also a few other more natural alternatives such as Cotton and Bamboo.

How do we know which is the best travel towel? From our viewpoint, there is no absolute best one. More precisely, it is nearly impossible to pick one which is the best for everyone. Every material has different properties and its own pros and cons. Everyone has different preferences, experiences and values.

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From this comparison, you can get an idea why we chose Raw Silk for our travel towel. Please have a look and see if Raw Silk could be favourable for you as well.

You are always free to make your own decision. And we really hope you follow your own way. Yet, we want to remind you that your decision makes an imprint not only in your life, but also in the life of others, not to speak about the nature and our beloved planet.


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