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Travel Towel by SHIN JARDBO


A travel towel is useful for everyone who gets wet outside their home! It is convenient and easy to bring to the gym, yoga, tennis, swim or beach. On your business, camping or weekend trip. And of course, the faraway holiday you are longing for. It requires a lot less of your precious packing space. It is super light and dries much faster than an ordinary towel. 

SHIN JARDBO travel towel is made of 100% Raw Silk, a completely natural material as functional as synthetic materials, yet much more beneficial for you and the nature. It is anti-microbial / anti-bacterial by nature and stays fresh for longer. In difference to microfibre travel towels, it is exceptionally skin beneficial thanks to the hypoallergenic properties, completely natural and biodegrades seamlessly back into nature. No microplastics / microfibres end up in our oceans when used and washed. The towel is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified.


8 Benefits of SHIN JARDBO Travel Towel

8 Benefits of SHIN JARDBO Travel Towel

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Size & Weight

This travel towel is made in 3 different sizes: STANDARD / BANTAM / FACE & HAND.

Size of SHIN JARDBO Travel Towels

The STANDARD towel is functionally sized meaning ample enough to be used as a bath towel (or beach towel), yet not oversized. It can be folded like a pocketbook but a lot lighter at 140g.

The BANTAM towel is suitable for children and people with a smaller body type.

3 towels with L

3 towels with M


Colours & Texture

To encourage enjoyment of using our towels, we have made them in the following 3 inspiring colours: Chili Oil / Ensign Blue  / Grapemist.

Colours of SHIN JARDBO Travel Towel

The towel has a natural soft touch, and the pleasantly nubby and matte texture of raw silk enhances the comfortable feel even more.


Chili Oil
towel colour chili oil
Ensign Blue
towel colour ensign blue
towel colour grapemist

Hanger loop

A robust and practical hanger loop is attached on the long side. The hanger loop is longer than usual, which makes the towel more convenient and easy to hang anywhere, on a hook in the bathroom, in the gym, or on a tree branch. 

Hanger loop of SHIN JARDBO Travel Towel

The towel edge is finished with firm stitches. The stitch colours highlight each colour mood of the towel beautifully, but at the same time, keep the entire look simple and minimal.


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