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Why We Chose Raw Silk for Our Travel Towel?

Most travel towels today are either entirely synthetic or made of cotton or bamboo rayon. In this material comparison, you can get an idea of why we chose raw silk for our travel towel.

Microfibre is highly absorbent (if good quality), lightweight and quick drying, but brings a heavy impact on nature and human health. A chemical process is required to obtain antibacterial properties. 

Cotton has good absorbency, is natural, biodegradable, and also kind to the skin. But it is not that lightweight and takes a long time to dry. Cotton cultivation requires huge amounts of water and fertilizers/pesticides. Organic cotton could be an alternative if looking at this point. Cotton must go through a chemical process to have antibacterial properties. 

Bamboo itself is a very sustainable crop and has good qualities overall. Lighter and faster drying than cotton. Most “bamboo” towels, however, are not truly made from bamboo, but from bamboo rayon, a semi-synthetic material that is made by chemically reshaping bamboo. 

Raw Silk is lighter than microfibre towels of similar size. As one of the strongest natural fibres, it is more durable than other natural materials, such as linen or wool, and also dries faster than these materials. Compared to an ordinary cotton towel, it dries approx. 5 times faster. Thanks to the silk protein Sericin, the towel has hypoallergenic properties and is antibacterial without any chemical treatment. Cultivation and production have a much lower environmental impact than the above materials.

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