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Why We Made Hemp Compression Socks?

Man Wearing Hemp Compression Socks and Standing in the Forest Nature Outdoors, Ensign Blue with Line Pattern Color Spice Route, Skin Friendly Eco Friendly Compression Wear, Durable Long Lasting Antibacterial Comfortable Socks | SHIN JARDBO

Compression socks are useful for many occasions. For example, when walking or running long distances, sitting or standing for long hours, exercising or recovering, traveling, and during pregnancy.

Compressions socks are generally worn for long periods. People tend to purchase this kind of socks as an investment for health in order to remain healthy blood flow, enhance performance or relieve/prevent discomfort or pain in their legs. They would like to have compression socks that have good quality and last long, so their money is not wasted, and the socks stay comfortable even after long hours of wearing.

As enthusiasts of running and outdoor activities, we have tried many types of compression socks for years. This was well before we started SHIN JARDBO, and at that time, the goal was only to find compression socks that met our needs. We tested different brands, different materials (nylon, cotton, wool, and various compositions of these), and different levels/types of compression (low to high / with or without graduated compression).

Our conclusion was that compression socks with the best quality of pressure are entirely made of synthetic materials but cause itching and are not comfortable to wear for long hours. The more skin friendly types are blended and contain medium to high proportions of natural materials. These, on the other hand, are not durable enough to be used for strenuous training and outdoor activities.

SHIN JARDBO Hemp Compression Socks are created by reflecting all the above issues found by our experience. They suit both outdoor activities and long days at work. Compared to most other compression socks, they are more beneficial for your skin health and have much less environmental impact.

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